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Nicki Minaj Pregnant With Lil Wayne's Baby?!?

The rap world was set off kilter with the revealing information that Nicki Minaj may be pregnant with Lil Wayne's baby!?!! The baby rumors first surfaced in the Atlanta Daily World that the thirty one year old blond rap-ess and Pink Friday singer may be Lil Wayne's fifth baby mama!

Sources dished that Minaj and Lil Wayne took a sheet tangling tumble for "a good time one night, but she got the good time and more." Sources say that Lil Wayne is denying the paternity of the child and that Minaj was never someone he'd intend to be serious with despite their longtime "friendship" (or is that "friends with benefits-ship?")

Eye witnesses saw Minaj having dinner with another man and noted she was toting what very well could be a baby bump. Plus scoops insist she has been toasting with water rather than wine of late - which by those who know her is "highly unusual."

Reps for both rappers have not confirmed or denied the claims but the media has gone wild with speculation. If the rumors are true, this would be Nicki's first baby (unless the rumors she put a child up for adoption when she was 16 are true) and Lil Wayne's fifth child with five different women.

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