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Nicola Schiavone, Italian Mobster, Arrested

Nicola Schiavone, an Italian mobster, was arrested by Italian Police on Tuesday, June 15, 2010.  Authorities believe that Schiavone is one of the highest ranking members of the Italy's Camorra crime organization.  Schiavone is the son of Camorra's longtime boss and imprisoned mobster Francesco Schiavone.  Officials believe thirty one year old Schiavone is responsible for at least 3 murders.  Authorities also believe Schiavone led the Casalesi clan within the Camorra well known for extortion, murder, and trafficking.

Authorities found Schiavone alone in his villa in Casa Di Principe, just north of Naples where his "clan" is suspected to be based.  Shiavone reportedly did not resist arrest and, according to news and police reports, elegantly "complimented" officers for locating him.

Officials believe that Schiavone's arrest is a deafening blow to the crime family.  

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