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Nicolas Fultz Meth Dealer & Maker Falls Through E.R. Ceiling in Louisville, KY

The Southwest Hospital Emergency Room staff and patients witnessed a strange event on Tuesday night when a patient, strung out on meth, fell through the ceiling while trying to escape. Louisville Metro Police officers report that twenty seven year old Nicolas Fultz was admitted to the hospital for suspicious burns and while attempting his getaway, crashed through the ceiling of the hospital and landed in the e.r.

Officers arrived at the hospital to investigate Fultz "suspicious burns" following testimony of a female witness. The undisclosed female reported to authorities that Fultz is a meth dealer and that, prior to arriving at the hospital, she picked him up in her automobile. Once in the vehicle, Fultz produced a bottle out of a paper bag and the bottle exploded, causing Fultz chemical burns. When police questioned Fultz, he explained the burns were caused by alcohol. When officers later searched the woman's vehicle, they found all of the components of a traveling, "one pot" meth lab, including drain cleaner, pseudoephedrine pills, ammonium nitrates, and a list of patrons Fultz supposedly sold the drug to.

Upon admittance into the medical facility, Fultz was left unattended in his room where he allegedly climbed to the ceiling, hoisted himself into the crawl space over the tiles, and, per police spokesman reports: "misjudged where he was and fell through the tile where he landed in the hallway outside the emergency room."

The police report maintains that Fultz was the cause of "major damage" to the hospital. Fultz was charged with manufacturing meth, trafficking controlled substances, criminal mischief, resisting arrest, and giving an officer a false name or address. Fultz has a prior record of multiple robberies, drug charges, and assault.

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