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Nikki Catsouras Car Crash Photos Show Ugly Side of Internet

Nikki Catsouras was killed instantly in a car accident on Halloween 2006. The damage to her body was so severe that the coroner would not allow her parents in to identify her body. Her parents Christos and Lesli were not protected long because horrific photos of her decapitated body were leaked. The California highway patrol had taken 9 pictures of the accident and someone emailed them to Nikki's parents with a taunting message, and the photos were also circulated on the internet, becoming viral quickly.

Nikki died instantly when she hit a tollbooth. She was driving her father's Porsche and was seen going 100 mph. She has become known as "Porsche girl" on the internet where the photos continue to have a morbid following. The Catsourases have spent thousands in legal fees trying to remove the photos from the internet.

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