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Nissim Aharon Convicted for "Holy Semen"

Nissim Aharon convicted for "Holy Semen." The former Israeli Defense Ministry employee and resident of Rishon Lezion, alleged that his semen was a holy liquid and reportedly "healed" a number of women with physical contact through his "body and soul." Aharon was sentenced to 10 years of jail time by the Petah Tikva District Court following a plea bargain against severe sexual offense charges including rape, sodomy, indecent acts, aggravated fraudulent acquisition, threats, forgery, forged documentation, and a "disruption of legal proceedings."

Aharon was arrested in August 2009 and indicted for presenting himself as a holy man with "healing properties" by preying on women. Arahon allegedly forced women to perform sexual acts on and with him and convinced women to give him "large sums of money under false pretenses." The sixty plus year old Arahon lied to those seeking religious counsel and portrayed himself as one of the 36 righteous men in Judaism. Arahon allegedly told women that he restores "broken souls and controls angels" and with his "holy semen" through physical contact, could heal brokenness. Arahon furthered his claim by insisting that a "religious commandment to touch his Rabbi body" through physical and/or sexual contact to "purify" followers. Arahon also misled droves of people by claiming he had a senior position in the Shin Bet and Mossad, insisting that he regularly contacted the Israeli prime minister, government ministers, and senior dignitaries.

Judges presiding over Arahon's case found his "behavior deviant, even monstrous...likewise, there are no words to describe the ugliness of his actions and the disgrace and contempt that should be felt towards them. The sexual offenses are grave and numerous, as are the fraud offenses." Judges also reported that Arahon's "sexual appetite could not be satisfied. The defendant was willing to take any measure to take advantage of the women - old and young - in disgraceful sexual exploitation."

Arahon retired early from his post following a disciplinary court conviction of sexual harassment of a 21 year old female subordinate in 2008.

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