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No More Models for George Clooney: Caught on Date With Barrister for Wikileak's Founder

We thought he would never get over them but it seems that this time it may be true: George Clooney is no longer dating models or actresses anymore (for now.) He was, however, caught on a date with the hottest UK barrister ever: Amal Alamuddin. And she's representing Julian Assange, the Wikileaks founder fighting to be extradited to Sweden.

It seems Clooney at the age of 52 enjoyed a brief repose from the frenetic stable of his customary model girlfriends to savor a four hour (!) dinner at Berners Tavern with the hot Londoner on October 24. This sent the tabs and rags into a tailspin and information finding expedition regarding his dining guest. As it turns out, the fine looking barrister speaks three languages and is an attorney who specializes in criminal law, international law, extradition, and human rights.

The pair reportedly shared lots of smiles and a cab ride following the dinner. No word on how the evening ended but we hope it went well. She is the most eligible bachelorette in all of London...

Plus she's beautiful, smart, single, and fearless...what more could Clooney (and any guy truly) want?

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