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No Touch Orgasm Achieved With Thought?

A no touch orgasm achieved by thought is a pleasure technique pormoted by Barbara Carellas.  Carellas has been "thinking herself off" for more than 20 years and happily talks about it for TLC's "Strange Sex." 

Carellas developed the brain based, no touch orgasm while managing off Broadway productions in New York City.  During the mid 1980's when the AIDS epidemic was at its peak and claiming lives of her friends and cast members,  Carellas began learning the technique to orgasm using nothing but her thoughts as she searched for safer sex practices and explored "alternative means" of expressing her sexuality.   After attending a series of informal workshops, Carellas mastered the "breath and energy orgasms."

A team from Rutgers University has long studied the mind-body-sex connection and using MRI testing, determined that while Carellas was "thinking her self off" the areas of her brain activated and "lighting up" were the same as those involved in climaxing.   As Carellas states in a CBS interview, "Anyone can learn this.   You just have to un-teach yourself what you've probably absorbed all your life."

For more catch TLC's "Strange Sex" or go here: CBS

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