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Noose Found at University of San Diego Library

A noose was found in the University of San Diego's Giesel Library. February is Black History Month and an on campus fraternity reportedly hung the noose on the the seventh floor of the campus' library. This incident follows a "racist frat party" which mocked Black History Month and included "racially derogatory and inciteful language" in the campus newspaper and UCSD television programs. Students have protested for throughout the past week, rallying in organized efforts by the Black Student Union.

UCSD's student body is predominantly comprised of white students. Black and minority students only make up approximately 1.3% of the student population. The administration has responded to the noose incident and others quietly, maintaining an emphasis on the "freedom of speech" and offering apologetic statements. Minorities on the campus fear for their safety. Students have planned an 8:00 a.m. rally for this Friday morning and were requested to attend wearing black.

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