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North Carolina Beach Bans Thong Bikinis

A North Carolina beach bans thong bikinis. Authorities at Kure Beach, North Carolina, have requested beach goers don more than thong bikini bottoms at the sea side portion of North Carolina's Pleasure Island, just miles from Wilmington. The community has adopted a "zero tolerance" policy regarding thong bikinis in public areas. Mayer Dean Lambeth went on the record with CNN to report that last week town supervisors unanimously passed an ordinance banning thongs on beaches. Lambeth stated "you can do what you want to in your own space but for public decency, keep it off the public beach. Everything we do is family oriented. We like the small town atmosphere."
Last week's decision was based upon obscure ordinances and came to the forefront of authorities when a couple consulted local police looking for clarification. The mayor reported that a honeymooning couple wanted to know if it was ok to wear thongs at the beach and found confusion in the town's thong policy. The police determined that the ordinance should be amended to clear up any confusion. On April 22, 2010 the Town of Kure Beach adopted Section 12-32 of the town Codes making it illegal "for any person being naked or insufficiently bathe or swim in the Atlantic ocean." The new code also states it is illegal to sunbathe without proper coverings. The code furthers that "thong bathing suits or similar attire are specifically prohibited." Offenders will be fined $25 if they wear a thong in public. Response from the community and throughout the United States has been positive and supportive. The Mayor reported he had received over 100 emails.

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