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North West's Parents Reveal New Pic of Her

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West just released another picture of their baby, North West, for the world to see. And this time she looks like an adorable brown eyed burrito! The wee one was wrapped up tight in a white blanket and clad in a black t-shirt on a fuzzy fur-like rug in the pic.

As her parents traverse(d?) Paris while she's home with [someone], little baby North was the center of attention for Kim who offered a never before seen photo of the infant on Friday, October 4, 2013. Kim quipped: "I missed waking up with my little angel" perhaps after she returned stateside (reports are a little hazy. We don't know where Kim and Kanye are at this point...and don't care much.)

Needless, someone dished juicy details on Kim's massive mammaries to RadarOnline by confirming the 32 year old already weaned the only 3 month old wee one (which explains, in part, their massiveness.) The source offered: "Kim had wanted to continue breast feeding for another two months. She continued taking a breast pump with her to Paris and having either an assistant flying the milk back to L.A. or shipping it back by FedEx" but, of course: "Kanye thought that was ludicrous, and as usual he got his way."

Somebody slap some sense into Kim before North is a big sister to Irish twin sibling East in 2014 (compliments of the biology of stopping breastfeeding)
...and then explain who the hell puts a man like Kanye before her kid???

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