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Northern Ireland Car Bomb Explodes at Palace Barracks

A Northern Ireland car bomb explodes at Palace Barracks, Holywood at 12:24 a.m. Monday, April 12, 2010. A man reportedly hijacked a taxi, held the driver's family hostage, and exploded a device in a vehicle at the rear of Palace Barracks per reports of a police spokeswoman. The barracks are a former British Army complex near Belfast. The Barracks now are the offices of Britain's M165 domestic security services. The police are investigating the identity of the hijacker, commissioned by dissident republicans believed to be behind the expolsion. The bomb was set less than 30 minutes following the transfer of law and order powers from London to Belfast.

Some injuries have been reported as a result of the explosion. Police have cordoned off the vicinity and are assisting people to safety. No word on the extent of damages.

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