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Nuclear Summit Begins in Washington, DC

The Nuclear Summit begins in Washinton, DC on Monday, April 12, 2010. Forty seven nations' leaders will convene at the Summit to discuss Nuclear Security in the wake of President Obama's latest plan. The focus of the Summit will be to formalize plans to keep nuclear weapons from terrorists. The event is a two day meeting with the largest turn out since 1945 during President Franklin D. Roosevelt's term which created the United Nations.

Obama issued the dire warning Sunday which stated Al Qaeda still seeks materials to build atomic bombs and that terrorist organziations are the "single biggest threat to U.S. security." Obama's focus is on Iran and North Korea, two countries who oppose surrendering nuclear advancement. Iran recently filed complaints with the United Nations calling the U.S. "warmongers" and a "threat to peace."

Obama will meet today at the Washington Convention Center with King Abdullah II of Jordan, Prime Minister Mohammed Najib Abdul Razak of Malaysia, President Viktor Yanukovich of Ukraine, President Serzh Sargsian of Armenia, and President Hu Jintao of China to further his Nuclear Security Plan.
Presently Russia and the United States hold 90 percent of nuclear arms. Last Thursday the U.S. and Russia settled upon a treaty that will reduce the nuclear weapons of both countries by 30 percent.

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