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Nuclear Summit Warns Iran's Recipe for Atomic Ingredients Within Year

Nuclear Summit warns Iran's recipe for atomic ingredients will be complete within a year. Lieutenant General Ronald Burgess, head of the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency, delivered this news to a Senate Panel Wednesday. Burgess maintains that Iran could build one nuclear bomb within a year if Iran can Iran generate sufficient highly enriched uranium. Iran presently has a number of centrifuges in place to complete atomic plans. In Burgess' Senate address, he stated: "The general consensus -- not knowing again the exact number of centrifuges that we actually have visibility into -- is we're talking one year."

This announcement was made during Obama's Nuclear Summit focusing on international nuclear cooperation. Many countries with nuclear capacities have agreed to Obama's plan to dismantle bombs and surrender nuclear power by products to the United States for global safety. Members of the UN Security Council including the United States, China, France, Russia, and Britian have agreed to Obama's plan. India, Pakistan, Israel, and North Korea have not and are not members of the United Nation's Security Council.

Over thirty countries world wide utilize nuclear plants to power their nations. A fear echoed from many nations top leaders and from Obama himself, is that terrorists could easily gain access to the weapons grade nuclear material from these plants and build "dirty bombs" Iran and Korea are two countries who cause such fears. Secretary of Defense for Policy, Michele Fiournoy, represented Obama's stance on such matters. Fiournoy stated: "military options are not preferable and we continue to believe that the most effective approach at this point in time is the combination of diplomacy and pressure."

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