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NY Hookers Use Facebook to Attract Business

New York area hookers have slowly stopped using Craigslist and instead use Facebook to attract potential business per a recent Columbia University study. Sudhir Venkatesh of Columbia published the results of the study involving 290 sex workers in the February issue of Wired Magazine. Venkatesh found that nearly 83% of the prostitutes involved in his study used Facebook to attract johns and stated that he "estimate[s] that by the end of 2011, Facebook will be the leading online recruitment space."

Venkatesh found that Facebook allows sex workers the ability to "control their image, set their prices, and sidestep some of the pimps, madams, and other intermediaries who once took a share of the revenue." Venkatesh concluded that during 2008, Facebook allowed "women of the night" access to at least 25% of their regular clients. Authorities from the New York Police Department state that "Everybody is using the Internet" and despite massive attempts at cracking down the forum of online prostitution, users of major sites like Facebook and Craigslist still hawk the exchange of sex for money.

Facebook spokesman Andrew Noyes warned that anyone who uses the world's biggest social network for illegal purposes will be subject to serious consequences.

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