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NYC Abortion Rate Double U.S. National Average

The Bureau of Vital Statistics published an astonishing report indicating the abortion rate within New York City is nearly double that of the U.S. national average. The city health department released the statistics that revealed 39 percent of pregnancies within the city ended in a termination of pregnancy during 2009, in comparison to only 23 percent nation wide. The report found that of the 225,667 pregnancies reported in NYC, 126,774 resulted in live births and 87,273 ended in abortion with 11,620 resulting in spontaneous termination.

Religious leaders gathered on Thursday for a press conference declaring efforts to reduce the number of abortions within the city and educate women regarding other alternatives when facing an unintended pregnancy. Archbishop Timothy Dolan stated: "I re-affirm Cardinal John O'Connor's promise of a quarter-century ago that every woman facing a difficult pregnancy will be provided with free, confidential help of the highest quality from the Archdiocese of New York." Dolan also affirmed: "We are prepared to do everything in our power to help you and your unborn baby to make absolutely certain that you need never feel that you have no choice but an abortion."

A non-profit organization known as the Chiaroscuro Foundation has pledged to allocate $1 million dollars in funds this year to reduce the abortion rate within the City.

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