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Obama Meets Dalai Lama Despite China's Objection

President Barack Obama ignored China's objections regarding the Dalai Lama's hour long White House visit. Months ago, China warned that communications between Obama and the Dalai Lama would impact U.S. and China's already strained ties. The first attempt of this meeting, between the two of the worlds greatest leaders and political figures, was cancelled though slated for October.

Obama did, however, leave the press out of his meeting with the Dalai Lama in a half hearted attempt at placating China's objection. A White House representative relayed: "The president commended the Dalai Lama's ... commitment to nonviolence and his pursuit of dialogue with the Chinese government." The pair's shared opinion on U.S. and China relations is one of "cooperative importance" and that Obama suggested a "direct dialogue between China and Tibet."

The Dalai Lama spoke to reporters after the meeting, saying that in the course of his discussion with Obama, he was able to convey "admiration" for the United States and the President as a "champion of democracy, freedom, human values" and creativity.

The White House predicts "only limited fallout" from the Obama-Dalai Lama meeting, though that could certainly be an underestimation. Some expect direct confrontation.

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