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Obama Reveals Plan to Protect Against Cyber Attacks

President Barack Obama revealed parts of his classified plan to protect the United States against cyber attacks on Tuesday. The National Security Agency plays an integral role in the Homeland Security Program named "Einstein" created solely to prevent cyber threats. The Obama administration declassified details of the "Einstein" plan.

Using the most prominent advances in technology the National Security Agency (NSA) created a powerful program that accesses all internet communications, including email. Teamed with Homeland Security, the NSA handles the Homeland's identified threats after properly "stripped [of] identifying information" from internet communications. Supposedly this plan will use threat information to prevent, identify, and predict future cyber attacks.

The NSA plan teeters between domestic surveillance started during the George W. Bush admistration and maintaining internet privacy. The details of NSA's plan will certainly be a controversial, much debated topic.

Howard Schmidt, newly appointed White House Cyber Security Chief, made his first public appearance at a San Franscisco RSA conference, unveiling portions of the NSA's plan. When questioned regarding privacy issues, Schmidt responded "We’re really paying attention, and we get it" though to what extent is questionable.

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