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Obama Trying to Push Healthcare Reforms Even as He Is Attacked by RNC Chairman Michael Steel

U.S. President Barack Obama and his government remain upbeat on the healthcare reforms even as the government struggled to pass the various bills in the Congress which could revamp the $2.5 trillion healthcare industry.

The White House is optimistic and said that it expects both the houses to pass the bill. However, it doesn't looks like it will be an easy run. The Chairman of the Republican National Committee Michael Steele directly accused Obama saying that Washington is carrying out such risky experiments with the healthcare proposals that it could be detrimental to the economy. He said that they are trying to build a closed healthcare system where only Washington will be in charge.

The speech of the Republican Chairman comes at a time when White House is already struggling to pass the healthcare proposals and various bills associated with it. It also faces opposition from some members of the Democratic party itself. Hence, citizens will have to wait and watch if Obama can succeed in implementing the proposed healthcare reforms.

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