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Obama's Birth Certificate Release Blocked by Privacy Laws

Since 2008, great controversy has surrounded President Barack Obama's birth certificate and privacy laws have blocked the document's public release. In recent weeks, State Attorney General David Louie responded to Democratic Governor Neil Abercrombie's inquiry into the President's birth place, claiming that disclosing Obama's birth certificate infringes upon privacy laws. Louie furthered that officials can not release the document without a person's consent.

Abercrombie began an investigation in December 2010 to determine Obama's August 4, 1961 birth to prove the President's citizenship. Hawaiian privacy laws restrict making the information public and have only fueled conspiracy theories surrounding Obama's birth. Some conspirators suggest Obama was born in Kenya despite Hawaiian health director's indication Obama was born at Kapiolani Maternity and Gynecological Hospital in Honolulu. Janic Okubo, health director spokeswoman, also verified Obama's vital records and birth notices in a pair of Honolulu newspapers. The information is available in an index data book and lists "Obama II, Barack Hussein, Male" and in 2008, the state issued the President's birth date, place (including city and state), name, and parents' information.

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