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Odd Proposition for Taylor Lautner: Push-Up Duel Challenged by RV Dealer

The owner of the McMahon’s RV dealership, Brent McMahon, who was sued last week by Taylor Lautner for allegedly failing to deliver a customized trailer on time has issued a unique challenge to the "Twilight" star: push up or shut up. The teen-heartthrob was challenged on Monday to use his muscles instead of his lawyers on Monday by McMahon.

The owner of the Irvine, Calif.-based McMahon's RV, held a press conference Monday to challenge the buffed-up Lautner to settle his lawsuit with a push-up contest: whoever can do the most push-ups wins!

McMahon and attorney Adam Obeid say the Lautners and their lawyers demanded $40,000 before filing the lawsuit, but the47-year-old businessman and his lawyers proposed the challenge instead to them. They said: if Lautner shows up and wins the push-up contest, McMahon will pay him and his Shark Kid Entertainment the $40,000 to settle the case. If McMahon wins, he'll donate the $40,000 to Children's Hospital of Orange County, says

"We're taking a negative and making it into a positive to benefit the sick children at Children's Hospital of Orange County," McMahon said at the press conference. He says he has other sponsors willing to chip in if Lautner appears.

Lautner filed a lawsuit against McMahon’s RV on August 23, claiming the dealership failed to deliver a $300,000 RV on time for use as a dressing room on the set of the actor's latest film, “Abduction.” Lautner says his dad, Dan Lautner, negotiated for McMahon's to refurbish a 2006 Affinity Country Coach RV by June but the dealership failed to meet the deadline.

McMahon and his attorney denied wrongdoing and said they will vigorously defend the case in court if 18-year-old Lautner doesn't accept the challenge.

Lautner’s lawyer Robert Barta turned down the push-up contest, but welcomed a contribution to charity.

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