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Online Chinese Vendors Sells Products Made of Cats and Dogs

Taobao, an online Chinese vendor, has been selling products made of cats and dogs. An official Chinese media report indicated that the most popular items sold by Toabao were pants and hats made from dog fur, a catskin waistcoat, and a mattress made of cat fur.

Animal rights activists are outraged that the organization is profitting from the cruelty of animals. Many have posted comments on the website addressing the issue. Animal rights groups indicate that dealers usually target stray animals and sell their skins to fur traders and their meat to restaurants in the South. The groups hope that by bringing attention to the issue, it can stop the animal cruelty.

Zhai Yining, administrator for the China Small Animal Protection Association stated to a local news organization: "We have volunteers to protect the animals but their efforts are not enough as the government's supervision is inadequate."

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