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Oprah to Fork Over $2 Million for 8 Part Lindsay Lohan Tell All

CEO of OWN network and retired talkshow host queen Oprah Winfrey has reportedly offered to fork over a whopping $2 million dollars to Lindsay Lohan for an 8 part series tell-all. The "docudrama based upon real events from Lindsay Lohan's life" is set to feature all (and we do mean ALL) of Lindsay's difficulties. Insiders scooped to TMZ all of the details of the show which will include Lohan's rise as a child star all the way to a few trips to rehab plus even her near incarceration and even her vision for her future.

The show will begin to film at some point in August 2013 once Lindsay is released from her latest stint at Betty Ford which is (ironically) where the deal was supposedly signed. Included in the deal are a pair of personal assistants and a personal stylist.

The reality based show was confirmed by OWN on Friday, July 12, 2013. The show will air at some point in 2014.

And, in the meantime, the world is hopeful that Oprah's super powers of reaching through to the heart of the matter will help pull Lindsay out of her five plus years' worth of a downward spiral.

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