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Orlando Bloom Dating Romeo & Juliet Costar Condoloa Rashad Fresh Off of Split With Miranda Kerr?

It seems that Orlando Bloom hasn't waited to move on from his marriage to Miranda Kerr. Fresh off of confirmation of their split follow rumors that the thirty six year old Pirates of the Caribbean star is dating his Romeo & Juliet costar Condola Rashad. Insiders close to Orlando scooped that the time Condola and Orlando have spent preparing for and presenting the Broadway version of literature's greatest romantic tragedy helped foster what Condola described on U.S. television while promoting the show as a "connection from the minute" the two were put together. She furthered: "What's funny is we didn't have to force it...We've built the relationship we have just by being around each other."

A friend of Blooms said fans should expect that "another announcement from Orlando could be on the horizon. [Condola and Orlando's] fondness for each other is obvious." And on the day Orlando's split from his wife of three years was publicly confirmed, he offered: "We [Condola and him] sometimes get applause after our first kiss because it just goes on and on. Sometimes I'm like, 'I'm not letting go.'"

We'd hate to be in Miranda's stilettos...ouch.

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