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Owen Wilson Fathered Child With Married Caroline Linquvist

It seems that actor Owen Wilson is pulling a Simon Cowell...kind of. It seems that the forty four year old has impregnated the 41 year old and very married personal trainer Caroline Lindqvist (as Cowell did with the married Lauren Silverman). But according to Jadgish Chopra, the father of Lindqvist's husband Dr. Ritu Chopra, the family had no idea Caroline would be leaving her husband let alone filing for divorce and having Wilson's second child.

Jadgish offered the UK's Daily Mail Online an interview which confirmed the couple have been "on and off" for a year since they separated and that the family "welcomed Caroline into [their] home and she seemed very gracious and very nice." He made his disapproval very public with: "You want to like your son's wife and we tried very hard with Caroline" and per his Hindu and moral beliefs, he is "disappointed and sad" declaring her actions were not "the right way to behave."

Apparently Ritu didn't inform Jadgish of the struggles in the relationship he had with Caroline as they were happening and the family was "completely blindsided" to learn of her pregnancy with Wilson. Jadgish assured "This will certainly hurt Ritu's feelings, but I don't think this will devastate him. He will definitely carry on regardless. My son's reputation certainly won't be ruined, but hers will."

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