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Pablo Picasso Trove in France Includes 271 Undocumented Works

On Monday, November 28, 2010, a French couple released a trove of 271 Pablo Picasso works worth an estimated $79.35 million dollars (or 60 million Euros) per the administrator of Picasso's estate. Pierre La Guennec, a 71 year old retired electrician, and his wife, Danielle, stashed away the authentic works within a trunk in their garage at their residence in Mouans-Sartoux on the French Riviera. The electrician once worked for the world renowned artist. The works are dated from 1900 to 1932 and includes an astounding number of never before viewed lithographs, portraits, watercolors, Cubist collages, and sketches. The 9 work collection of Cubists collages have an estimated worth of 40 million Euros.

The French newspaper "Liberation" was first to report the trove of Picasso's work. The "Liberation" reports that Le Guennec's unveiled the trove to Picasso's son, Claude, and estate administrators in September 2010. The works are in the process of authentication per estate lawyer, Jean-Jacques Neuer. Neuer has filed a lawsuit on behalf of the estate regarding allegations the works were received illegally. Authorities are investigating the claim though the Le Guennec's insist the trove was a "gift."

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