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Pair of Wisconsin Men Sexually Assault Woman With Live Snake

A pair of Eau Claire, Wisconsin, men are facing criminal charges following allegations made by a female claiming she was sexually assaulted with a live snake. John Bullock, a twenty four year old Altoona, Wisconsin, resident and Domonta Jones, a twenty five year old from Eau Claire have been charged with first degree sexual assault for a November 11, 2010 incident. The criminal complaint states the female reported to police she was at a party at Jones' home, "consumed inhalants," followed Jones to his bedroom to see picture of his children, and was knocked unconscious. When the woman came to, Jones was holding her down while Bullock was assaulting her. The woman also reported that Jones used his live snake to assault her and reported to the police she was afraid the snake had bitten her, said as much to the men, and one of the men said "Pull it out."

Bullock claims the incident was "consensual." Both men have been jailed on $30,000 dollar cash bail.

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