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Pakistan Cricket Team Gets Accused of Match Fixing

The Pakistani Public has been hit with the worst floods in living memory and the whole nation is striving to succeed against all odds. Now a match fixing scandal in the arena of cricket games have engulfed the Pakistani Cricket team and the country is but speechless at the accusations. The governing authorities of Sports have been struggling to come to terms with one of the worst cricket scandals of the last decade.

The Pakistani cricket team has always had the nation’s unwavering support even in trying times but the corruption allegations have led to the people actually marching on the streets in protest of humiliating the whole country for some quick bucks. The investigation by the British Police led to the implications that some of the players were allegedly involved with a booker whereby they did illegal deliveries and made several no-balls on purpose.

When the police interviewed the four major players of the Pakistani cricket Team, they all claimed that the scandal was just that- a scandal. The players say that just about anyone can say anything about you but the allegations are not true. The Pakistani cricket team manager told Sky Television that the mobile phones of the captain and two players were confiscated by the British Police.

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