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Parents Trade Sex for Use of MInivan With Daughter

Parents in Dodge County, Georgia, traded sex with their daughter for use of the family's minivan. The fourteen year old girl's parents, James Clarence Davis and Sandra Davis, both aged 36, reportedly exchanged "sexual favors" with their daughter for monthly payments on their minivan with the manager of Shorty's Used Cars in Eastman, Georgia. Authorities within child welfare services and local sheriffs investigators maintain that the Davis' could not afford the $281 dollar monthly payment on their 1998 Dodge caravan so they traded their daughter's "services" for their debts with Wayne Bearden, manager of the dealership where the couple purchased their vehicle.

The investigation has been ongoing since last summer. Tony Winborn, Captain of the Dodge County Sheriffs Department, went on the record Tuesday and stated: “It makes me personally sick to my stomach. The only thing I can tell you is there were drugs involved in this family and it was some very sick, perverted stuff going on amongst the entire family. ... Rhyme or reason, I couldn’t tell you.”
Winborn also sadly revealed: "(Wayne) Bearden wasn’t the only person that this couple gave this child to,” Winborn said. “It’s very horrific. It was for drugs and for money from other folks.”

James and Sandra Davis were arrested and jailed Friday following child molestation charges. James also faces aggravated child molestation charges. Bearden faces many charges, including aggravated child molestation and one count of child molestation. Bearden has previous a criminal record, having served time on three separate incarcerations including a 19 month federal prison term, for manslaughter and marijuana possession.

The fourteen year old victim has been placed in foster care.

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