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Paris Hilton Gets Sued for $35 Million Wearing Wrong Hair

Paris Hilton was sued for $35 million on Wednesday for allegedly wearing someone else’s hair.

A hair extension manufacturing company claimed that 29-year-old Hilton breached her contract to wear and promote their product when she wore the fake locks of a competitor in 2008.

The company, Hairtech International Inc., is now seeking $35 million for the fraud and breach of contract. This amount is 10 times what she was apparently paid under the contract. The filing also claimed that the famous socialite missed a launch party for the hair extension line because she was serving a stint in jail in 2007. Hilton served 23 days in 2007 after she was caught driving twice on a suspended license when she was on probation for reckless driving.

The company said in the filing that it lost $6.6 million on the launch party alone. However, the jury or judge will be deciding if Hilton owes any money if the case goes to trial.

No immediate calls or messages from Hilton’s publicist Dawn Miller were immediately returned on Wednesday.

Hilton has previously been sued by the producers of the film "Pledge This!" in 2008 in federal court in Miami, who claimed she didn't properly promote the film. A judge ruled last year that she didn't owe the $8.3 million it cost to the make the film. But the court is still deciding how much, if any, of Hilton's $1 million fee for "Pledge This!" she may have to return to the filmmakers.


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