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Paul McCartney Concert, South American Tour

Sir Paul McCartney formerly of the Beatles drew a 66,000 person crowd last night during his first concert in Brazil in over eighteen years. McCartney played at the Biera Rio Stadium in Porto Alegre. McCartney's performance rendered the area the "Paul McCartney Village" per a rep, whose first hand account declared the site "amazing" and offered: "People had been camping out for days just to ensure they could get the best position possible."

Following his performance, McCartney enthusiastically stated during an interview: "I love South American audiences. I always think I have Latin blood because I connect so strongly with their love of music and their love of fhythm and their love of melody, so I always feel like I have a very big bond with South American people and Latin people in general. So yeah, I'm bonding, man!"

McCartney is expected to perform three shows in Brazil and two concerts in Argentina as part of his South American tour.

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