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Pentagon Shooter Identified as John Patrick Bedell

The Pentagon shooter has been identified as thirty six year old John Patrick Bedell. Bedell carried two semiautomatic weapons, magazine's of ammunition, and was dressed in a suit when he calmly walked up to two police officers and opened fire. The shooting occurred at the entrance to the Pentagon Thursday just after rush hour at 6:40 p.m. and lasted less than one minute. The Pentagon Metrorail station and transit center were shut down as a result of the shooting as investigators searched for evidence. The station was scheduled to reopen at some point Friday.

Pentagon Force Protection Agency Chief Richard S. Keevill announced that Bedell, a resident of California, acted alone and had no terrorist connections that would have motivated him to shoot the officers. Keevill reported Bedill "walked very directly to the officers and engaged." The shooting left three police officers wounded. Police Officer Jeffrey Amos was shot in the shoulder and treated at George University Hospital in Northwest Washington. Officer Marvin Carraway was wounded in the thigh and also treated at the same hospital as Officer Amos. A third officer was critically wounded after a gunshot to the head. All three officers returned fire at Bedell who died at George Washington University hospital.

Investigators are tracing the weapons Bedell used in the shooting to determine if permits were issued for the Sturm 9mm and Taurus 9mm guns. They are also in possession of surveillance video that captured the horrific event. Officers say Bedell traveled from California by car in a "several" weeks long trip. They have impounded the automobile after locating it in a nearby parking garage carrying more evidence and ammunition.

Bedell may have posted anti-government websites on the internet and police are trying to determine the motive behind the shooting. Keevill reported: "There are no indications at this point that there are any international or domestic connections to this incident at all...At this time it appears to be a single individual that had issues."

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