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Percy Harvin Collapses on Field During Practice

Percy Harvin is the first-round draft choice out of the University of Florida by the Minnesota Vikings and has been named as the offensive rookie of the NFL in the last season. Percy Harvin made headlines today when he collapsed on the field during practice. The weird thing is that Percy Harvin was not even playing in the game just watching from the sidelines and observing the game.
All of a sudden, Percy Harvin vomited on the field and collapsed on the ground. Afterwards, Percy Harvin was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance. Apparently, Percy Harvin has been suffering from a migraine all day long till the practice. According to the statement of the players, Percy Harvin has been experiencing migraines since childhood.
When the Coach was approached for a comment, he was at a loss as to what happened to Percy Harvin on the field. He said that Percy Harvin did not really have a seizure but it is difficult to quantify what really happened on the field. The sweet thing is that all the players said a quick prayer for the health of Percy Harvin.
Percy Harvin is recovering in the hospital and his condition is stable now.

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