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Pga Championship 2010 Updates!

 PGA Champion 2010 is underway at the Whistling Straits, in Kohler, Wisconsin, and you will not believe who is climbing the list of favorites at top speed. Yes, Tiger Woods is still a good contender for the title, even if he played like a ten-year old last week. The course if lining the beautiful shores of Lake Michigan and watching the PGA Championship take its course is nothing short of exhilarating.

With the players in top form and the environment perfect, the game is bound to be interesting. With 7800 yards of sprawling course greenery, the expert placement of the ball through the air is an art that is going to be instrumental in determining the winners of this championship.

PGA Championship 2010 started off three hours late and it was only because of the dense fog that made matters impossible. The leaderboard was not filled out on time and it was not until late afternoon that it started taking up some shape.

Right at this moment, the leaders have a -3 and that includes Tiger Woods. Several players are perfecting their strategy at the course. It is early to predict who is going to take the title but looks like Lady Luck might be smiling at Tiger Woods, this time around.


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