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Philippines Hostage Crisis Leaves 8 Hong Kong Tourists Dead

The Philippines Hostage Crisis began when an ex-policeman, disgruntled for being fired from his job, decided to hijack a bus packed with tourists from Hong Kong so that he could ask for his job in ransom. The police man was adorning a combat uniform and carrying an M-16 assault rifle. The Philippines Hostage Crisis went on for an entire day before negotiations broke down between the security forces and the deranged officer, Former Senior Police Inspector Rolando Mendoza.
The bus was hijacked in the tourist district of Manila where the security officials gathered to convince the gunman out of his lunacy. After a 12 hour standoff, Mendoza shot dead two Chinese tourists. The security officials were forced to rush into the bus in order to save the other souls in the inspector’s way.
Commandoes from the security officers stormed the bus with bullets in attempts to kill the inspector, or at least stop him in his tracks. The whole fiasco ended with 8 tourists from Hong Kong losing their lives. Around seven tourists were reported to be critically injured in the hospital.
The whole ordeal was recorded and broadcasted on national TV. The popular sentiment amongst the locals is that the police were extremely slow in getting their operation underway.

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