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Phoebe Prince Suicide Result of Bullying

Phoebe Prince committed suicide as a result of bullying. South Hadley High School, located 90 miles south of Boston, Massachusettes, lost Prince, a fifteen year old freshman in January after she hanged herself after months of reporting harassment to her parents and administrators. Prince was verbally assaulted and threatened in school and electronically through Facebook and texting. Nine students have been charged in relation to Prince's death. Two boys face statutory rape charges and a close knit circle of seven girls face stalking, criminal harassment charges, and civil rights violations. School officials do not face charges, despite having knowledge of the bullying and inappropriately handling the situation between Prince and her tormentors.

A bullying consultant named Barbara Coloroso visited the South Hadley High School late last year to discuss the growing issue with parents, teachers, and administrators, just weeks before Prince took her own life. Coloroso discussed the issue of bullying and Prince's death with the Associated Press Tuesday. Coloroso stated: "The questions to ask are: Did they follow their own rules and did they keep Phoebe safe? Obviously not. And, did they deal effectively with the bullies? Obviously not."

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