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Pink Floyd Versus EMI, Small Win for Band

In the lawsuit between Pink Floyd and EMI, the band gained a small win Thursday. The lengthy lawsuit between Pink Floyd and record label EMI Group, Ltd. reached a breakthrough. England's High Court ruled Thursday that EMI Group, Ltd. can not sell individual tracks from Pink Floyd albums without permission from band members. Andrew Morritt, the judge presiding the lawsuit, further ruled that the contract signed by Pink Floyd over 10 years ago, before the invention of online music retailers, applies to not only records but also internet sales.

This ruling sets the precedent for artists to control the sale of their craft despite the dismay of online music retailers like iTunes. The lawsuit between Pink Floyd and EMI has been battling for years and the judge's ruling is the first step toward a settlement. Judge Morritt stated that the contract maintains "the artistic integrity of the albums" and renders EMI "not entitled to exploit recordings by online distribution or by any other means other than the complete original album without Pink Floyd's consent."

An unidentified EMI representative stated: "There are further arguments to be heard and the case will go on for some time," and that Pink Floyd's music will still be available "digitally and in other formats."


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