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Plastiki Sail Sucessfully Crosses Pacific

Plastiki sail successfully crosses Pacific.  The sailboat constructed of over 12,500 recycled plastic bottles arrived in Sydney Harbour after a 128 day voyage across the Pacific.  Plastiki is a 60 foot catamaran with a six person crew that left the San Francisco bay area on March 20, 2010 to embark on a journey set to raise awareness of plastic waste.  The 8,000 nautical mile journey traveled past the eastern Pacific garbage patch made of more than 13,000 bits of platic litter, and made stops in Kiribati and Samoa.  David de Rothschild lead the expedition and stated in a recent interview "it has been an extraordinary adventure."  De Rothschild derived the idea for the Plastiki journey following a United Nations report identifying the effects of plastic waste throughout the globe's oceans.  Plastiki is a vessel constructed of bottles bound with an organic glue of sugar cane and cashews, with a mast made of recycled aluminum irrigation piping, and fueled by solar panels and wind turbines. 

U.S. Ambassador to Australia stated that Plastiki's venture was "The journey of the Plastiki is a journey from trash to triumph."


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