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Playmate Izabella St. James' Bunny Tales of Filth in Playboy Mansion

Former Playboy Playmate Izabella St. James has penned "Bunny Tales," a filthy look inside Hugh Hefner's lifestyle behind the Mansion doors. In the book, St. James weaves an unpleasant glimpse of the men's magazine mogul's life and what is is really like being Hef's girlfriend.

In "Bunny Tales," St. James highlights the perks of being one of Hef's girlfriends: free plastic surgery, nice clothes, fancy cars, free room and board, and a $1000 per week allowance. "Bunny Tales" also reveals the darker side of life in the Playboy Mansion: dog droppings, rampant unprotected sex, bitter rivalries amongst Hef's girlfriends, copious amounts of drugs and alcohol, and a 9:00 p.m. curfew. St. James rendered life as one of Hef's girlfriends similar to prostitution despite his attempts make it appear otherwise. In "Bunny Tales," St. James admitted to bedding the now 84 year old Hefner with: "I wanted to see if this experienced King of Sexdom knew anything the rest of us did not. But he just lay there like a dead fish. We often wondered why he did it at all. He must know deep down that it is just a show. But he is trying to live out this fantasy he has been selling to people since 1954. He wants to live up to the Playboy image he created and the expectations people have of him."

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