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Poland Adopts Legislation Legalizing Castration of Pedophiles and Rapists

Poland adopts legislation legalizing castration of pedophiles and rapists.  In September 2009, Polish officials passed laws allowing authorities to chemically castrate rapists and pedophiles.  Prime Minister Donald Tusk proposed the laws after reviewing the increasing number of high profile pedophilia cases in the previous year. The new Polish law applies to men who rape children or immediate family members and forces offenders to take the medication upon prison release.  The law also states courts must defer to psychiatrists before administering the chemical castration orders. Polish politicians are the first European nation to adopt and pass such stringent laws against sex offenders.

Chemical castration is the reversable administration of anti-androgen medication, like cyproterone or Depo-Provera, to reduce libido and sexual activity.  Chemical castration has been used on a voluntary basis throughout the world for over 40 years. Dr. John Money, a psychologist, sexologist, and author was the first to administer chemical castration  in 1966.  Multiple studies support the effectiveness of chemical castration.  During the 1980's, human rights' groups within the United States deemed the procedure as "cruel and unusual punishment" and constitutionally prohibited by the 8th amendment.  Opponents also maintain chemical castration violates the 14th Amendment as administration of the medication prohibits due "process of the law" based upon issues of informed consent.


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