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Police Believed Fantasia’s Overdose Was Suicide Attempt

When the police were summoned to the “American Idol” winner Fantasia’s house in Charlotte, they believed they were responding to an attempted suicide call. But Fantasia’s manager says the singer, who overdosed on aspirin and other pills, wasn't trying to kill herself.

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police report released on Wednesday did not name the victim but the 911-caller said that the victim took a bottle of aspirin and was slowly losing consciousness. The caller said the victim was awake and breathing. Her family members doused her in the shower to try to keep her awake. It was Fantasia’s manager who confirmed the singer’s overdose. The police did not identify the caller.

Fantasia’s manager Brian Dickens said the singer overdosed on the pills and a sleep aid but that her injuries were not life-threatening and that it wasn't a suicide attempt. She was released from the hospital on Wednesday, he said.

The overdose comes just days after Paula Cook accused Fantasia in court documents of having an affair with her husband. Fantasia was "overwhelmed by the lawsuit and the media attention," Dickens said in a statement released on Tuesday.

Dickens said that Fantasia had a relationship with a Charlotte man named Antwaun Cook for 11 months. In a court filing last week seeking alimony and child support payments, Paula Cook alleged that her husband and Fantasia had an affair and had made sex tapes together.

"Fantasia fell in love with Mr. Cook and believed that he loved her," Dickens' statement said. "Fantasia is heartbroken and is sorry for any pain she may have caused.


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