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Police Respong to Pistol Whipping at Chuck E. Cheese in South Toledo

Toledo police responded to a frantic call involving pistol whipping at a Chuck E. Cheese in South Toledo, Ohio. The incident occurred Sunday night and left one person transported to a hospital. At 8:00 p.m. at the Airport Highway Chuck E. Cheese restaurant a 22 year old man identified as Javon Jade was leaving the scene in his green S.U.V. with a woman and child after reports that he fired a gun in the restaurant.

Apparently a fight between Javon Jade and eighteen year old Ricky Luster, ensued before police arrived. According to witnesses, the suspect wielded a gun following Luster's use of an air horn.
The fight escalated and the men went outside to the parking lot. Witnesses report hearing a gunshot
and then Luster was "pistol whipped" in the head. Luster reported that Jade shot the gun into the pavement before fleeing.

Charges were filed against Jade. He faces felonious assault. No word on Luster's condition.

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