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Pope Benedict XVI Sex Abuse Cover Up

Pope Benedict XVI and the Roman Catholic Church have covered up hundreds of claims of sexual abuse throughout Europe. The Pope and the Roman Catholic Church are facing hundreds of new allegations of sexual abuse, with many surfacing on an almost daily basis. The Pope has not addressed the issue publicly but insists that a forthcoming letter, promised for Friday, will address the rising claims from Ireland, Germany, and European nations aimed at the Church.

The Pope's letter reportedly contains elements of "repentance, healing and renewal" despite reports claiming that an incident in Germany occurred "under the Pope's watch" in 2005 before taking his title as Pope. The Pope also insisted Wednesday that his letter would be delivered to Irish Catholics on Friday because they were “severely shaken” and the Pope himself is “deeply concerned” because of two massive complaints filed against the church. The first alleges that Church overlooked ten years' worth of sexual abuse of children at the hands of priests. The second, released in May 2009, contains claims against priests and nuns in church based schools and "documents decades of widespread sexual, physical and emotional abuse of children."

The Pope, Former Archbishop Joseph Ratzinger, and Vatican officials confirmed on Tuesday that the Church is tremendously understaffed and unable to attend to the inundation of abuse claims. The Church employs only 10 people qualified to handle the scandal. Internal Prosecuter Monsignor Charles J. Scicluna addressed the issue with "We have to get our act together and start working for more transparency in investigations and more adequate responses for the problem on every level of the church.” The Church vows to address the scandal directly. It announced Tuesday a sexual-abuse phone line will be implemented on March 30, 2010 to assist victims, professionals, and abusers.

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