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Powerful Winter Storm Nemo Targeting New England, Potential for Over 1 Foot of Snow, Rain, Ice

Nemo, a powerful winter storm, is targeting New England with the potential to drop over one foot of snow, rain, and ice in places throughout the northeast beginning on Thursday, February 7, 2013. Forecasters have indicated that a cold front from the north will meet a warm front from the south on Thursday during the evening hours and the result could severely impact locations like Boston, New York City, and Nashua significantly. Meteorologist and Hometown Forecast Services Inc founder Rob Carolan of Nashua, New Hampshire, offered his prediction to the New York Daily News with: "[The storm] has the potential to be a big one."

Initial computer models suggest Nemo will be a "significant" and "bigtime" winter storm with travel significantly impacted throughout major cities within the Upper Midwest and New England from Thursday through Saturday. The additional aspects of strong winds are expected to accompany the storm and hamper visibility and high tides with Sunday's new moon may cause moderate flooding throughout the New England coastline particularly if the precipitation turns to rain on Friday.

Some forecasters expect a few inches to over one foot of snow to fall within upstate New York with coastal regions predicted to receive at least six inches. Others are predicting the potential of over two feet of snow to fall in portions of the Northeast if the two weather fronts collide as expected.

To prepare residents throughout the north east for the storm, weather officials have issued a winter storm warning for Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, and New York.

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