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Pregnant Woman Fired by Long Island Bar

Jennifer Paviglianiti, 29, from Centereach, New York was unfairly terminated from her job as a bartender at the Cafe Royale Gentleman's Club. Her boss, John Doxey doubted Paviglianti's capabilities to perform job duties while carrying a child. Paviglianiti has filed discrimination charges with the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, received on February 2, 2010. In the charges, Paviglianiti stated the"cause of discrimination" was grounded in "sex, retaliation, perceived disability, and pregnancy." Paviglianiti also stated she "encountered continual blatant discrimination," and that Doxey told her

Doxey reportedly informed Paviglianiti that patrons of the club were "not coming in to see sexy bartenders that are pregnant and bulging out." Paviglianiti had hoped to continue working in the Long Island bar until she was showing and had no intention of telling her boss of the pregnancy but her co workers beat her to the punch.

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