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President Obama Takes Family to Panama City Beach

 The First Family visited the Panama City Beach recently and gave so many newspapers a good story. President Barack Obama went to the Panama City Beach with wife Michelle Obama and daughter, Sasha Obama, and had a great time. The main purpose behind the visit was to meet with the local business owners and encourage locals to visit the Gulf Coast beaches more frequently.

President Obama enjoyed a great swim in the bluest waters of Panama City Beach at Alligator Point along with Sasha Obama. It seemed like a good time spent with family, as is evident in the photos doing the rounds on the internet.

Prior to enjoying the swim with his daughter, President Obama spoke about the efforts that were underway to clean up the entire Gulf Coast from the oil disaster that had struck the region. He convinced the locals through his speech that the reason he was there with his family was because the beaches are now clean and safe for visiting.

President Obama assured the locals that the reason behind his visit was to deliver the message in person of the clean up that is going to take place incessantly. The First family had a great outing at the Panama City Beach, Florida, on the 14th of August 2010.


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