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Prince Andrew and U.S. Hardest Hit by Wikileaks Latest Cache

The UK's royal Prince Andrew and the U.S. are the hardest hit by the Wikileaks latest cache release. It seems that included in the 271,000 international diplomatic disclosure is revealing information regarding a profanity filled tirade by Andrew. The Duke of York presented "unmitigated patriotism," showed "cocky" and "rude" behavior, and unleashed his anger upon the U.S. with the statement "the Americans don't know geography." Additionally, Andrew bashed Britain's Serious Fraud Office and claimed France is corrupt. Officials in Buckingham Palace stand strongly behind Andrew's statements, despite heavy criticism, and rendered his words a mere "banging the drum for British industry."

The United States, its citizens, and military are facing a massive crisis as a result of the Wikileaks. The dispatches, aptly titled "the 9/11 of world diplomacy" reveal embarrassing, judgmental, and harsh opinions regarding foreign relations with Britain and many other countries. The cache included: breach of international law via spying on U.N. diplomats; suspected narcotic usage of Kabul's embassador Ahmed Wali Karzai; telecommunications, infrastructure and information systems, current technical specifications, physical layout, planned upgrades to telecommunications systems, details on commercial and private VIP networks, security measures, passwords, personal encryption keys, and other information regarding the United Nations; data regarding Iran's nuclear capacities; personal information on U.N. officials including phone numbers, credit card information, frequent flyer miles, and work schedules; suspicions regarding links between the U.N. and terrorist organizations; allegations of corruption within the U.N.; Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah rep quoted as saying to U.S. officials "he told you to cut off the head of the snake" by taking military action against Iran; criticism of U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron; allegations that Gordon Brown is "unstable"; Stephen Beecroft (Ambassador to Jordan) stating Iran is "an octopus whose tentacles reach out insidiously to manipulate, foment, and undermine the best-laid plans of the West"; allegations of computer hacking against the Chinese government; details of the U.S. attempting to convince Pakistan to surrender nuclear material; and many unflattering reflections of world leaders.

U.S. officials have rallied against the Wikileaks diclosures, insisting the organization is one based in terrorism.

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