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Prince Charles Car Attacked by "Wanton" Demonstrators

A Rolls Royce carrying Prince Charles and his wife, Camilla, was attacked by "wanton" demonstrators on Thursday during a student riot. Charles and Camilla were en route to the London Palladium Theater to attend a Royal Variety Performance when students protesting unfair university fees launched an attack on the car carrying the royal couple through London's West End. A group of 20 students struck the vehicle with sticks, bottles, and fists, broke a window, and doused the car with paint while some were chanting "Off with their heads!"

Eyewitness Adnan Nazir reported to local media outlets that Charles pushed his wife to the floor to get her out of harm's way. Nazir stated: "Charles got her on the floor and put his hands on her. Charles was still waving and giving the thumb's up. It was just a surreal thing. It was completely manic."

Clarence House issued a statement maintaining Charles and Camilla were not harmed by the protesters. The Metropolitan Police have begun an investigation into the incident and have not determined if the attack was a result of a premeditated target or coincidental. Authorities have rendered the incident an act of "wanton vandalism" and made 43 arrests.

Prime Minister David Cameron assured the protesters would "face the full force of the law."

The protest was sparked following the House of Commons' approval of a plan to triple annual university fees.

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