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Princeton Review Top 10 Party Colleges 2011

Princeton Review has launched it's 2011 rankings for the top 10 party colleges in the United States.   The list tends to be a bittersweet moment for the administration at these various schools as it's sure to lead to increased enrollment, but there is also the embarrassment of not being in control of the student body.  What parent wants to send their kid to a top party school?

Regardless, these rankings are perhaps the most widely distributed and used college rankings produced each year... which might say something about the true purpose of higher education these days.

Princeton Review Top 10 Party Schools 2011:

1.) University of Georgia

2.) Ohio University

3.) Pennsylvania State University

4.) West Virginia

5.) Ole Miss

6.) University of Texas

7.) University of Florida

8.) University of California: Santa Barbara

9.) Iowa

10.) DePaul University

Source:  Princeton Review Top Party Schools 2011

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