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Putin Supposed Mistress Alina Kabayeva Covers Russian Vogue

Alina Kabayeva, a twenty seven year old gymnast and politician, has caused quite a stir. Kabayeva has landed the January 2011 cover of Russia's Vogue magazine and is creating a ruckus for her alleged involvement with Russian Prime Minister Vladmir Putin. Kabayeva covers Russia's Vogue in a $30,000 dollar Balmain dress with the words: "Her Main Victory" placed strategically between her thighs.

Rumors abound that Kabayeva is Putin's mistress and had a baby named Dimitri last year. Kabayeva never named the baby's father but many suspect Putin. There is also speculation that Putin and Kabayeva had planned a secret wedding but never went through with the plans as Putin has been married since 1983 to Lyudmila Putina. The couple have two daughters. Putin and his present wife are rarely photographed together which only furthers speculation of troubles within their marriage.

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