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Queens Man Punches and Kills 7 Month Old to "Toughen Him Up"

A Queens man punches and kills a seven month old baby in attempt to "toughen [him] up" prosecutors from New York maintain. The man, identified as Larry Green, fatally struck his seven month old son in the chest while yelling "toughen up" per reports from the prosecution. The baby died on Tuesday night as a result of injuries. Initial medical examiner's reports maintain that the infant had significant brusing on his head and neck.

Green was arraigned Wednesday for second degree murder and faces 25 years to life if found guilty.
District Attorney Richard A. Brown reported that Green admitted the baby, named Xiah, preferred his mother. Laquana Greene, Larry's sister, insisted at the hearing that he is "a good person" who would not do such a thing. Brown insisted the "senseless attacks" running rampant through Queens, as this is the ninth case in five months that a caregiver has killed or severely injured an infant or child in the NYC borough, for which there is, as Brown maintains, "no excuse."

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